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A digital marketer walks into a bar

... and asks the first person they see to marry them. Crazy, right? But that's what companies do. That's digital marketing. And if the marketing team asks enough strangers the question- maybe it's a hundred, maybe a thousand- eventually someone will say yes. The marketers give themselves one moment, one opportunity to drive a result, and they treat every interaction the same. They can change only so much-what they wear, which bar they walk into maybe a word or two in what they say. And then the CEO asks: Why aren't more people saying yes?

Because others are playing a different game. They say hello, they start a conversation. They ask questions, actually listen to the answers, and fet things develop. They begin to build a relation- ship, one step at a time, and then they ask them- selves, "Is this going anywhere? Their data tells them the answer-and they act on it.

This tidbit is from the book Converted by Neil Hoyne

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