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Find your golden hour

In photography, golden hour refers to the exquisite quality of light just after sunrise and just before sunset. Cinematographers call it "magic hour" and arrange shoots during this time. Subjects appear perfectly lit in soft reddish hues, glowing and radiant, in contrast to the harsher light with unfavorable shadows or glare on their faces when the sun is fully up.

Consider that you, too, have golden hours, one or two times per day that are optimal for your peak energy and creativity, given your unique circadian rhythms. Make sure you allocate your golden hours for your best work. In the morning, I can get five to ten times more done than during the afternoon witching hours before dinner, when as one of my clients put it, "I don't even know my own name."

Another strategy you may find helpful for knowing what to slot into your precious golden hours is to ask yourself: What is my job today? It might not be what you think.

This tidbit is from the book Free Time by Jenny Blake

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